updating the socials


Jaymz Marsters


Heather Mackenzie-Thompson

We know how you feel - you didn't set up your business to spend every waking hour updating your social media channels...so why should you? 

Hashtag this, @ that, algorithms and insights blah blah blah. We've heard it all before but lets face it, what does half of these words even mean and how can they help your business.

Jaymz & Heather  have learnt how to optimise their social media channels so that it doesn't take hours out of their day -  so lets dive into this digital pool of imagines and text  with an online zoom class showing you how to use social media.

On this 3 hour online class, we will cover:

  • Increase them followers

  • Create engaging content

  • Make that grid look tasty to the eyes

  • “I don’t know when or how often to post”

  • How to work them angles for that perfect Insta photo

  • Perfect that styling

  • Analytics / Insights

  • Who should I be targeting?

  • Should I be posting stories?

  • Are captions important?

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