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Below is our price list for Cutting with a few added extras

We know you want to see how much our colour prices start from, and we don't blame you!

Let's face it, no one is wanting 'chunky highlights' or 'Cap Highlights' like we all did in the 90's and early 2000's . These type of services didn't take time or precision and nothing was personalised or customised to the individual. Slap it on, wash it and off you go. Did anyone even tone blonde hair back then?

Colouring hair in 2024 is based more around small micro services combined into one big appointment which is why we like to have a good chat with you on a consultation to make sure we're quoting you for what you want and not something you wouldn't be happy with (we're looking at you brassy yellow blonde from the 90's)

Like our cutting services, we offer 4 levels of stylist. These quotes will match up with the level of stylist you select on your pre consultation form and can be broken down into bite size quotes so you know how we have totalled your service cost.

If this is still out of your budget, let us know and if possible we can work out some lower budget ideas which can be carried out over multiple appointments to get you to your goal, it will just take a bit longer, but why wouldn't you want hang out more often. 

If you're shopping around then you can always drop us a message with a brief run down of what you're looking to get done with some photos of your current hair. We will try our best to give you a 'from' quote, but take note that this quote could be quite a bit lower (or higher) which is why we would always advise a consultation.

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18 years experience 

Advance colour techniques

Colour correction specialist 

Will get you in and out in good time

Highest level of colourist & cutting

All colouring services available 

Trained by Owner

Will have you in and out in good time

Qualified ​& Fresh on the salon floor

Trained by Owner & Senior

Colour work is discussed & checked with a Senior

Still training in certain areas

Selected colour services not available 

Needs a bit of extra time

Still working through their apprenticeship 

Training by Owner,  Senior&  Graduate

All work is checked over & supervised

Selected services available 

Needs PLENTY of time

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