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Jaymz is a creative genius specialising in vivid colour and education. With over 250k followers across his social media, he has developed an impressive name for himself across the world. 

Jaymz loves nothing more than his clients giving him free rein  but is more than happy to ease those nervous about a considerable change into wearable creative colour.

He also loves Pokémon.

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Jaymz with neon yellow hair
lets meet the gang


It's less likely that you'll see Ali on the salon floor, as he is our 'behind-the-scenes' guy, but he does occasionally answer the phone so you might talk to him when booking an appointment  

From bookings, to finances, HR and salon policies, whilst he can handle many things, hairdressing is not one of them which is why he has 0 followers across social media.

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 Ali co-owner
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Senior Stylist


Myah has been with us for a while now, and in-between the natural colour, has created some of our most iconic looks.


Whilst throwing out some banging creative colour, she is our natural specialist and knows exactly what she needs to do to create the most classic looks. 

You'll know Myah has had a creative day by the lashing of colour over her arms, face & hands 

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Myah Senior Stylist

Graduate Stylist


Cameron is our home grown graduate stylist. Training for two years on the salon floor means he's been hands on, especially with creative colour from day dot.

Being a graduate stylist means every head of hair still meets our high standard, it just takes a little longer!

Cameron is the perfect match for you if you have a little bit more time on your hands and you fancy something brightly coloured.

psst...He also won Norfolk Apprenticeships, Apprentice of the Year 2024 

Cameron Graduate Stylist
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Graduate Stylist


Training locally as an apprentice for two years means Lucy makes hairdressing look easy (it ain't btw).

Joining The Watt in Janaury 2024, Lucy has a big career infront of her so keep your eyes peeled. 

Lucy is a great match if natural coloured hair is your vibe...but she can accommodate you if you're vivid as well.

Lucy Graduate Stylist
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Cam joined us in Summer 2023 as our brand new Apprentice! 


Cam is excited to walk in the footsteps of all our trained staff to date by learning the ropes and carving a career for himself!

You may see him rushing round the salon looking busy. Feel free to stop him in his tracks and ask him to dry your hair as he's still a little nervous to ask you.

Cam Apprentice
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