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Do I need a consultation?

Yes, New colour appointments (or anyone we havent seen in 6+ months) can not book in for a colour service until an in salon consultation has taken place. This allows us to have a good chat about what you're wanting to achieve with your hair and talk about any issues or concerns that could prevent your hair goals from coming true.

You said I need a Chealting & Consultation. What is this and Why?

We strongly recommend an Olaplex Chelating treatment is carried out before any new client chemical service. This will help to prevent chemical reactions within the hair that could occur during a colour appointment and is priced at £29.50. The Chelating treatment could be carried out by our apprentice at the start of your service.

The best time for this is during a consultation appointment. The chelating treatment will cleanse your hair of mineral / metal deposits deep within the hair allowing us to fully assess your hair during your consultation appointment.

I don't want a Chealting at the moment incase I don't want a colour

A Chelating treatment is optional with your consultation. If your stylist insists that this service is necessary to achieve the colour you would like, this could prolong the wait for your colour appointment as it would be an extra appointment needed.

Chelating Treatment is priced at £29.50


Do I need to bring anything?

You can send any images / video with references over to our Facebook or Instagram ahead of your visit. Don't worry if your forget to do this, just bring them with your on the day on your phone/ tablet/ print out.


What is an allergy test?

This is a small blob of hair colour that is applied to the inside crease of your arm that will need to remain on your skin for 45 min.

This will determine if you are allergic to any of the colouring products that will be used on you and must be carried out at least 48hrs before a chemical service.

You will sign a document to state that this has been applied & sign again on state there was no reaction on your colour appointment.

What if I have a reaction?

If you react to an allergy test, this does mean a chemical service can not be performed on you at this moment in time. Your stylist will talk through the next steps with you.

I've had an allergy test before, I don't need one.

If we have not seen you in 6+ months, we would need to see you for a Chelating & consultation service where a fresh allergy test will be applied. This is inline with your manufactures instructions and insurance policies.

All new clients will require an allergy test.

What is a hair sample?

Sometimes, we might require to take a small sample of hair to chemcially process before we can determine if a colour is suitable for your hair. This is a small section of hair that is cut out and processed after your consultation.

We will be in touch with the outcome within 72hrs, but feel free to drop us a message or pop in if you don't hear from us!

What is a booking fee?

A booking fee is a portion of your colour appointment price taken on the day of booking. This usually happens during the consultation. This will be required to secure your future appointment. Check our salon policies for booking information.

How much is just a consultation on it's own?

Consultations are priced at £10 per 15min. If additional time is needed, an extra charge will be applied at your appointment. This £10 must be paid in advance to secure your booking is non refundable past 48hrs before the appointment in line with our cancellation policy


Consultations are FREE with any additional service e.g Chelating Treatment / Cut & Blowdry

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